Food and Drink Federation Scotland

Focus on Fibre

September 13, 2021 FDF Scotland
Food and Drink Federation Scotland
Focus on Fibre
Show Notes

Fibre is often the forgotten part of our diet, but it has the opportunity to be a solution to many reformulation challenges. This podcast discusses what fibre is, our current intake levels and the role and functionality of fibres within food manufacturing.  

The podcast is hosted by FDF Scotland’s Reformulation for Health Programme. We have input from:

  • Jisun Lee, Head of Innovation, EDME Food Ingredients
  • Amy Glass, UK Diet and Health Policy Manager, FDF
  • Joanne Burns Reformulation for Health Manager, FDF Scotland
  •  Harriet Heath Reformulation Executive, FDF Scotland

More information about our work on fibre can be found on the website: 

For FDF members who are interested in increasing the levels of fibre within their products and taking part in the FDF Action on Fibre pledge please contact for more information.